'72 Chev Suburban Ambulance

Kurt Arends

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On Marketplace in KS. Looks to be a very worthwhile project and solid! Very original and complete inside. Priced right!
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Paul Steinberg

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Seller's description​

1972 Chevrolet ambulance vintage car. Very good project car It was run and drive when it was parked No body start it in the last 10 years It is a complete car, nothing missing. Sell it as is Clean title Dealership title $2500 plus tax 9.5% Linwood KSambu1.jpgambu2.jpgambu3.jpgambu4.jpg

Peter Grave

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I think thats just it the seller would not know a complete ambulance if he were put in it. BUT!!! he sure knows what $$$ to ask.

John ED Renstrom

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Builder i see it has a left hand mount. The square rear light housings are another thing i have not see. But the are on the money if it is mechanicly all there.