'63 Superior Pontiac Rescuer LWB Ambulance in Northern CA

Kurt Arends

PCS Elected Director 2021-2024
FAR too solid and far too rare to part out and scrap!! Someone REALLY needs to save this rig! Listed on Facebook PCS site.

'63 Superior Pontiac 1.jpg
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No more room at the Inn? Do I need to cancel the transporter ??? Anyone interested in a 1978 Superior Parts Car??
Some times it's best not to go back for it too! That's part of the reason why I hate ramps!

I think you have a real rarity there in that yours never had bullet lights, as most did. The red sealed beam bulbs are far cheaper to replace too!
You've got 5 doors that all open! That's a good thing in itself! I've got a '74 Lifeliner that I have had for 3-4 years that still only has 2 that open!

I think this one needs to go back to her original blue body color!