2020 vision i.e. international meet

Dan Herrick

PCS Life Member - Upstate Chapter President

I would like to invite you to a 20 20 vision. The Professional Car Society’s 43 Annual International Meet will be held in Albany, New York from June 22 to the 27th.
The host hotel will be the Holiday Inn Express, 400 Old Louden Road, Latham (a suburb of Albany).
The visitation includes two boat trips, one above ground and on below, visits to world famous museums and a farm that has not gotten out of the 19th century.
Let’s begin with the trip to Albany. This year we are planning a stop, for those wishing, even before the meet begins. Many of those attending will be coming from the west and will be passing through the Buffalo, New York area. You might be interested in seeing Niagara Falls. So arrangements are being made for a hotel the night of the 21st with a side trip to the falls, and on Monday you travel the rest of the way to Albany. Not coming from the West, but from the South. Arrangements are being made for a hotel in Hyde Park, New York area so those that would like to stop there for a visit to the Roosevelt estate, the Vanderbilt Mansion and/or any of the other attractions in Hyde Park can do so. It will then be a short drive to Albany. Once you arrive at Albany there will be a welcoming reception Monday evening.
On Tuesday the 23 of June we will be traveling by motor coach to Cooperstown, New York. There we will be visiting the world famous Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Farmer’s Museum (see attached). Wednesday is a motor coach trip to Howes Cave. There we will be enjoying the cave and an underground boat trip in the cave. Yes we will taking a boat ride under ground were you can see stalactites and stalagmites and more! Back to the surface for lunch which will be on your own at the Cavern’s restaurant. To finish the day a short drive and visit of the Iroquois Museum.
Thursday is a trip to Saratoga Springs, home of the Saratoga State Park. We will be motoring the short trip up Rt. 9 from the hotel to the Park, to see the Saratoga Auto Museum and the Museum of dance. At the Dance Museum our cars will be featured as they will be parked in the front for display. We will be having guided tours of both museums. Inside the dance museum there will be a special exhibit on square dancing that should prove to be most interesting. There will also be a box lunch picnic in the park. Those that would like to take some side trips on their own there is the Saratoga Casino and / or downtown Saratoga with it's outstanding Victorian architecture homes.
Friday is another motor coach trip, we will be going to Lake George and the Lake George Steam Boat Company. There the Lac du Saint Sacrement, the largest cruise ship on Lake George, will be waiting for us. We will be enjoying a midday cruise with a lunch buffet and live entertainment in the ships elegant dining room. Then back to the hotel to fuss over the cars to prep them for Saturday’s show and closing banquet.

Brian Martin

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Super Site Supporter
I am very excited for my first meet! Of the PCS membership that attends (I understand location is a deciding factor), what percentage of attendees would you estimate typically drive / bring a pro car? I’d hate to miss it due to a breakdown along the 6h drive. Especially since my current pro car is not terribly noteworthy. Thanks!

Bill Marcy

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Looks like a fabulous itinerary! We are hoping to be there for at least part of the Meet, if not all of it.