1991 Miller Meteor rear door weather stripping

Eric Gemzer

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Someone today asked me about 91 Miller Meteor Cadillac load door weather stripping, is this available anywhere? If not he’s going to try to use some off my 86 s&s parts car.

John ED Renstrom

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I'm thinking that 91 uses standard Cadillac weather seals. If the load door still used the older style it is no longer produced.

Kevin Lynch

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Super Site Supporter
I had some I acquired long ago. I used it on the entire car; but: On the A pillars on the door, there is an extra piece of aluminum that
obviously takes up some of the weather stripping room, so I trimmed the curve off the design and attached the rest. No matter how I tried on the loading door, (leaving the door open for a day), the rubber bulged out the back below the lower hinge. I trimmed it and it looked horrible- it actually pulled off the door. So I tried a trimmed piece and it still didn't work. Still bulged. So I removed a section from between the hinges. I then painted that area black hoping a judge wouldn't notice. We'll find out on Saturday if that idea flew!