1976 Superior Cadillac Door Locking Mechanism (Front Passenger Side)

Jean-Marc Dugas

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Last year the front passenger side door locking mechanism got stuck in the lock position. I managed to get it unlocked, removed the mechanism, clean it all up, lubricated it, and reinstalled it. Last week it decided that it was not going to keep the door latched anymore.

The door is now staying closed thanks to a bungee cord, which works well unless I take a sharp left turn which causes it to open a little.

Would anyone knows which years have a compatible door mechanism that I could use to replace this one, or would anyone happen to have one they are willing to part with?

Check the opening for the latch. The big thing i find is a little miss alignment on the striker will cause the edges of the latch housing to fold down pinching the latch flopper and sticking it in the open position. The knife edge folds over. The fix is a hacksaw blade. Slide the blade along side of the flopper and cut the flange that is holding it open. The flopper works on gravity if you hold the button in it should be free to move with your finger. I try to find a few pictures of the operation this evening. got a drappoint i need to run to right now.
got lost in the 4000 some pictures but did manage to find this one. it dosen't show the roll but it does show the fix. remember ther is top and bottom. depending on which side you door is dragging on wioul be were the jam can accrueIMG_7087.JPG
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ypu don't need to remove the latch from the car to do this. I had this set out for cleaning and looking them over discovered the potential problem.