1973 Superior Pontiac windshield

"Summet has been reported to have them in stock".

Ed, would you have their contact info? I cannot seem to locate it. Thanks.
Revamping this thread. I have a 1973 MM that has a windshield crack on one side. If theres a windshield out there in good condition I'd love to know a price. I may be willing to come pull glass out of a salvage donor. I think Dan has the only windshields left in existence :)

I have one new 65-70 for sale $950.00 I can bring it to the PCS meet or meet someone along the route. I will be coming from the west coast. Guessing I 40 will be my route.
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got two of them for the 71-76 cars up in my rafters. we plugged the one just before we took it out. you want to come get it 100 bucks.

San Diego CA to Apple Valley CA (2 hr 23 min (153.2 mi) via I-215 N and I-15 N) is a lot closer than San Diego CA to Hot Springs South Dakota (19 hr 51 min (1,329.0 mi) via I-15 N) , and with the cost of gasoline today ($3.16/9 this morning in Southbridge MA) he will be spending more in gasoline than buying Dan's at his higher price for a new one. That is the problem today with finding old car parts, you can find them, but the transportation to get them to you is the difficult part. Locally sourced parts are the only way to go.