1972 Oldsmobile/Cotner Bevington ex-USAF Ambulance

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The vehicle is a 1972 Oldsmobile/Cotner Bevington ex-USAF ambulance. It is based on an Oldsmobile 98 commercial chassis. The 98 was Oldsmobile's top of the line model in 1972. The chassis has most factory options, except crank windows instead of power. It has a 455 cu. in. V-8, an automatic transmission, front disc/rear drum power brakes. This was originally purchased by the USAF for a base in Texas. After military service, it was passed on to a volunteer fire department in Texas through a government surplus program. After that, it was purchased by the person that I acquired it from (he purchased it for the 455 cu. in. engine, but could not bring himself to dismantle it).
The first attached photo show these ambulances on active duty with the USAF. As a USAF veteran, my intention was to restore it to military livery. I have a computer file for the front door USAF markings.
I have an OEM owner's manual packet (here w/me in NM), factory service manuals are with the car (I also have a factory A/C service manual here as well). The fender skirts are not original to the car and the mounts on the body look to need repair. I have a rotating red light, electronic rotary siren and a GM commercial car OEM screw jack (the vehicle is too heavy for a bumper jack) in storage in CA that I can eventually provide to the new owner, but not for some time (we are waiting for Covid to settle down prior to visiting CA). The interior is very original with only one rear jump seat upholstery replaced. There may be an auxiliary heater or A/C unit missing in the rear compartment- I can't remember. Check the rear floors- if I remember, the D/S floor was "soft" or rusted through. The windshield has a crack- replacement windshields are available (I have the NAGS number for ordering and a source). I won't catalog the body repairs needed (RF fender, hood, front fascia), as I do not remember them in detail. There is a source for all needed body parts in San Jose, CA- most are common OEM sheetmetal at the front of the vehicle- the back is all custom made. As you can see, it needs a complete repaint.
The wheelbase should be either 151" (with an overall length of 252") or 127" (overall length 228"), according to the factory brochure that I have and will include with the sale. It can be transported on a two axle car trailer. There is no divider between the front seat and the passenger compartment (common in civilian ambulances, but typically deleted in military models. The tray behind the front seat is for a horizontal oxygen bottle. Unlike their competitors, Cotner Bevington used a steel roof (see attachment). More information on Cother Bevington can be found at http://www.coachbuilt.com/bui/c/cotner_bevington/cotner_bevington.htm
I have a clear CA title in my name and it is currently on a Planned Non-Op, so no DMV fees due. No smog required. Asking $4000
The car was running when garaged 7 years ago in Sebastopol, CA. Please call John at 707-696-4309 or Barry at 707-495-1512


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Mine was a army one. I would go for another to get a high top but king of to right with transporting a no running car. Pictures of it are in the aulbum if your intrested in what it should look like

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Does anyone know what happened to its twin brother I traded to Denny Shira in new York years ago?