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Peter Grave

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Offered for sale is a 1972 Cotner-Bevington ex-USAF ambulance based on an Oldsmobile 98 commercial chassis. Cotner-Bevington was a builder of professional cars (hearses and ambulances) as well as limousines based in Blytheville, Arkansas from 1959-1975. The 98 was Oldsmobile’s top-of-the-line model in 1972. Commercial chassis would be shipped to the bodybuilder without any bodywork aft of the front clip, cowl and windshield. All other body components are custom made. The chassis has most factory options, except power windows (driver’s window needs adjustment). It has a 455 cu. in. V-8, automatic transmission, front disc/rear drum power brakes, power steering and air conditioning. This was originally purchased by the USAF for a base in Texas. The last attached photo shows an identical ambulance (not this one) on active duty with the USAF (and gives you an idea what this one could look like). Following military service, it was acquired by a volunteer fire department through a government surplus program. After that, it was purchased by the person that I bought it from. It has always been either in Texas or California (in indoor storage).Many thousands have been spent (some time ago and very recently) on this vehicle to make it roadworthy, but all systems should be checked, as it has been in storage. Recent servicing allows it to start, stop, shift through all gears, and lot drive. It wasn’t road-tested due to the current registration status. All repair receipts will be provided.It has four excellent tires. There is an exhaust gasket leak at the manifold on one side (new gaskets included). The A/C compressor is not present, so the system will need repair. The RF fender and front fascia are in need of repair or replacement (a replacement hood is included). All needed body parts are common OEM sheet metal at the front of the vehicle- the back is custom made. The fender skirts are not original to the car and the mounts on the body will need repair to mount them. The D/S rear floor seems a bit “soft”- all other floors appear to be okay. It needs a complete repaint. The windshield has a crack- reasonably priced replacement windshields are available (I have the NAGS number for ordering and a source). All other glass is good. The interior is essentially original, with only one rear jump seat upholstery replaced. There appears to be an auxiliary heater or A/C unit missing in the rear compartment.Included is a factory owner’s manual packet, factory service manuals, factory A/C service manual and a Cotner Bevington brochure. I have a GM commercial car OEM screw jack (the vehicle is too heavy for a bumper jack) that I will provide to the new owner.The wheelbase is 151″, with an overall length 228″. The approximate weight is 5,000 lbs. It can be transported on a two-axle car trailer. There is no divider between the front seat and the passenger compartment (these are common in civilian ambulances, but typically deleted in military models). The tray behind the front seat is for a horizontal oxygen bottle. Unlike their competitors, Cotner Bevington used a steel roof. This vehicle is located one hour north of San Francisco, CA, has a clear California title

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The windshield has a crack- reasonably priced replacement windshields are available (I have the NAGS number for ordering and a source). All other glass is good. 🤔

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It would appear to be a ex air force unit. Blue interior is the hint. My Army one had the blue dyed green. But the front attendant seat is sitting were the cabinet was. Way to rough for the current price. The rusty panel shown is the hood. The other body damage on it and not a picture under the hood says most likely needs a front clip. I dropped out at a grand. It will cost you 3G to get it home. I would like to have another hightop but not right now. Still DSS still not over the hart attack on what i do have.