1972 C-B windshield post covers

Steve Loftin

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I don't know what the correct term for these vertical pieces is. That said...

My white car has screws in this piece. The holes are there on the driver's side, but the screws are gone. (These pieces are unmolested on the silver car, as seen below.) I have no idea why these were screwed on, but assume it was done later in the car's life. The windshield doesn't leak or have any wind noise.

Does anyone here have a set of these--in excellent condition, of course--to spare? If so, please contact me via PM or e-mail.


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Daniel Scully

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Most people refer to those as A pillar trim. All the C/B and M-M I have seen in that era is the trim is held on the inside of the A pillar with small recessed screws.

Kurt Arends

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There is, or was, a guy in Lawton, OK that used to do some pretty impressive stainless restoration. I had him do a bundle of pieces for me. Not sure if Leo does stainless welding.
Leo Neal
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Also, Vintage Vehicles Inc. in Wautoma, WI does some of the best stainless restoration work that I have ever seen. I had them repair a 4' tailgate molding for a '60 Chrysler New Yorker wagon that was twisted like a pretzel and full of screw holes. It was nicer than new when I got it back!
Bruce or Paul
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John ED Renstrom

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Everything that uses this glass uses this trim.the hole is the same as is the trim.around it. Now most likely the clips or the post that hold them in place have been damaged. Those screws will go threw the pinch weld to the inside. Take them off and see what is under there. If all the clips are missing and the posts are there you can replace the clips put some sealer in the holes and snap your replacement on. But if the pegs are gone it's a pull it the glass to replace them. they have a special pop rivit and tip for the rivet gun to replace them.