1970 Olds fuel tank replacement

Tim Prieur

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When Ed was completing the restoration of the 1970 C/B it became obvious there was a lot of sediment in the fuel tank. He attempted to clean it out, but unfortunately there is a baffle in the tank, and he could not reliably get behind it. He was able to flush out +++ old liner, and rust. Despite this, on trying to drive it now the fuel filter totally clogs up within 30-40 miles with dark brown sludge.
In a city of over 1.5 million, there is no one who is cleaning/relining gas tanks. Also cannot locate a new tank on line, including on the Oldsmobile forum. Would anyone have a suggestion on availability of a new tank? I cannot determine if a Cadillac tank would fit it.
Any help appreciated.

Paul Steinberg

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Using the search feature of the forums, I found the name of the company;y that does this type of repair that I listed in 2009. Shipping is going to be the difficult part since it has to be drained and totally sealed so no fumes can escape and most likely shipped by motor freight. In the original thread, Scott Anderson a former PCS Member wrote how he got the tank ready for transportation. The company is located in PA and they give a lifetime warranty on the repair. I did call and they said that the repair is approximately $450 but can change depending on the extent of the work. https://professionalcarsociety.org/threads/fuel-tank-repair.1066/ There are also franchised locations in Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland. To locate a dealer click on the link https://www.gastankrenu.com/locate-a-dealer/ . You can use the locator to possibly find a US dealer that is closer to you.

John ED Renstrom

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The problem was that when this was done in Florida. They did not properly prepair the tank before dumping in the liner. So the liner did not stick to the inside. Then the lenght of time it just sat with most likly a 10% mix in it. I figured that because it ate up the new fuel gage the had put in it. Fishing threw the gage hole i retrieved a lot of the loose liner out of it. When i ran the magnet around the inside it came out clean. The vent lines run across the top of the inside of the tank. They were rough from what i could feel but some were there has to be a pocket of rust. Beating on the tank, blowing air threw it did not knock it loose but driving it plugs the filter i put on the suction side of the new pump. One might get away with puting a 72 tank in it. The fuel the same place and were the same shape. The difference would be the vent. The used a 3 line pickup, return and vent. Fuel gage in 71 were the 70 had only suction and return with the tank vent separate. I would look for a used tank. Send that one in to be cleaned and lined. What ever is in that tank is to small for the sock to catch. But enough to of it to keep plugging the filter. My bets on the duel vent tubes across the top.