1967 Superior Crown limousine combination

Steve Loftin

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I am looking to have the drapes redone with vintage fabric that is a closer match to the original ones.
Ed sent the original worn drapes with the coach and I'll be using those for the patterns.

Until then, the lighter weight and color drapes are there as placeholders.
Can't wait to see the finished product! Here's what they look like in a '67 Crown Royale:1967 SC Crown Royale Limousine combination.jpg

John ED Renstrom

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It was of those things on the drapes the first gal after having them some time retired on me the second one had a hard time working them in and could only do the swags. But you that was better then naked Windows . That car came new to a home in Min. Sold to one in Nd then to a privet owner in Mt. Then traded to a roofer for work done. Were it sat in a barn for 10 years before Tony bought it. He had it for a couple years before i bought it from him. It was a fun car to do. Loved that color combnation. There were a few thing fore Anthony to finish up and he has got some of them done. Glad she went to good hands.