1959 Cadillac Fleetwood NEEDS RESTORATION

Kurt Arends

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Just exactly how you DON'T want to buy one! Seller just bought it on an auction in north-central Iowa 2 weeks ago. He has had it just long enough to spray a gallon of primer on it! It is a rough POS! He paid around $2700 for it, if I remember correctly. I see that he bought the '57 M-M combo too.

Bill Marcy

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Some people love 59s and I guess somebody might wish to spend too much money restoring this car. You could probably spend $150K on this beast.
My uncle used to have a Fleetwood back in the 80's. Truly an amazing car. Going to visit him this holiday to give a hand installing the suspension from 4Wheelonline onto the Jeep project. I'll see if he still got some photos of the Fleetwood.