1957 Miller Meteor Cadillac

Bob Dyke

PCS Member
I saw this car on Kijiji. It is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I went and looked at it. Very straight. Beautiful lines. Headlight trim and tailights missing. Going to need floor pans. Rust up under fenders. Headliner missing. Going to be a total rebuild but doable for someone with the resources.

Gentleman's name is Shaun. Can contact him through Kijiji or call/text 1-306-361-5841. He has several other vintage 50's and 60's Cadillacs. This is his only procar

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1957 cadillac miller meteor glass hearse​


Kerry Lange

PCS Member
For all our friends down south, that must work out to about $99.95 with the present dollar conversion . Well maybe not quite, but not a bad starting point.
The present conversion factor is about 0.73.
I gather that you were joking, but it's pretty close to the truth. As I'm in the process of converting Canadian dollars into U.S. currency for my winter stay down south, today's rate has me paying $1.41 for every U.S. dollar that I buy. Converting U.S. to Canadian results in getting $1.33 for every U.S. dollar. That would bring the price of that '57 Caddy down to $6722 U.S. There is a 7.5 cent difference between buying and selling, which the bank puts in their pockets.

Tim Prieur

PCS Member
For all of our American friends, getting it across the border is not difficult as long as there is: proper documentation of ownership, and use a broker who handles all of the paperwork for customs. The major shipping companies have their own, if you move it yourself, there are good services for this.