1957 M-M landau combination...

Kurt Arends

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Yup. The seller just bought it on auction in north-central Iowa about 2-3 weeks ago. I believe that he paid $2850 for it. At least he got it to where it will roll now!

Paul Steinberg

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1957 cadillac fleetwood 75 miller meteor landau panoramic hearse ambulance​

here i have up for sale is a 1957 cadillac fleetwood 75 miller meteor crestwood landau panoramic combination hearse ambulance. very rare high end hearse/ambulance! and a very desirable year! its an excellent candidate for restoration. it had been stored in a shed for the last 45+ years so its fairly solid with all the miller body work being very solid as they use thick steel in the construction process. though it was on a dirt floor so the caddy quarter panels and the factory floor section behind the seat is rusty, but otherwise a very solid car, and again the back floors are very solid as they used thick mostly flat steel. the frame looks pretty good too and i dont notice any holes in it. the interior is in prM1.jpgM2.jpgM3.jpgM4.jpgM5.jpgM6.jpgM7.jpgM8.jpgM10.jpgetty nice condition for as old as it is. like the rear jump seats and interior side panels and all the door panels could be reused if cleaned up. has original spare tire jack and probably the original unused spare tire. this is such an unbelievably cool car! one of the best looking hearse/ambulances ever produced. has 45,000 miles on the odometer which is probably correct. then engine and transmission look nice and are complete. great piece to restore to original. $500 deposit within 24 hours and the rest within 3 days.

NO TITLE, but i can get one if need be, but it would take 2-3 months and cost an extra $350. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME.

John ED Renstrom

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Why can't people clear out the title first. Wants to double his money on a car it will run at least 50g to restore and no title. If you get it you would be #3 on the list of swappers with out a title