1948 Packard Sedan Ambulance

Tim A. Fantin

PCS Life Member
I recently purchased this unusual Packard from the estate of the owner who had it since the early 70's. When I saw it advertised I knew right away something was different. It had suicide doors on the right side only. After a little research I was able to trace it's history and even hear a story from a patient that was taken to the hospital in this vehicle in 1952 after a accident. This car served the Beigh Funeral Home in Bourbon, Indiana until the mid 1960's when Mr. Beigh sold the firm. Mr. Beigh kept the car in his possession at that time. Mr. Beigh passed away in 1969 and it ended up in the hands of the VFW at some point. It has a full bench drivers seat but it is held in by thumb screws and there are holes drilled in the floor for a single seat to be installed when in ambulance use. It also has a removable B pillar and red turn signal lens. There is a antenna hole that has been filled on the left quarter panel. I don't ever remember seeing a post war Packard built into a sedan ambulance. I can not find any markings as to who might have done the conversion.98 hearse 005.jpg98 hearse 032.jpg98 hearse 043.jpg98 hearse 028.jpg98 hearse.jpg