1936 Ford Siebert Combination Ambulance

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I found it on Hemmings Motor News.

1936 Ford Siebert Combination Ambulance Hearse

This 1936 Ford is the rarest of the rare pre-war Ford. It is the professional Siebert combination ambulance and also serves as a hearse. This vehicle was purchased from the original family-owned business after it served professional service. It was restored to award-winning show condition several years ago! The provenance of this rare and unusual vehicle with its cross-over capabilities draws crowds wherever it is shown and the proof is in all the awards it has won.

Original Flathead V8
It even comes with a removable casket table and flower trays.

For serious inquiries call 872-867-0398 as I do not text.

A beautiful car.
I can only think it survives as it was a combination. Any and all straight ambulances of the day might not have been treated quite as well, and over the long term were lost. Glad to see this one is a survivor.
As a follow up, what would be the differences internally with this and a straight ambulance? How involved was the partition? Back then the materials carried would have been so basic, like a K basin and simple bandages. If it could be made to be a straight ambulance of the day?