New ambulance at the Higgins Funeral Home in Youngstown, OH
Richard Vyse

New ambulance at the Higgins Funeral Home in Youngstown, OH

Oh, so those horns were original equipment??? I didn't think coaches were even using airhorns back then!
They were ordered by the owner and installed by M-M. When talking to an old employee of the place, he mentioned Mr. Higgins liked the air horns and ll his ambulances were painted bright orange. It was funny to see two compressor pumps mounted behind the seat.
I'm surprised there wasn't also a beacon on the roof extension, like there is now. It looks much better with the three beacon set-up that it currently has. Great pic, thanks for sharing it Richard!
The funeral home had a carport the ambulance had to go under when running calls which is why the beacons are on the tunnel lights and the rear loading lights were lounted on the sides.
Richard, I noticed no speakers or Q2B on the roof. What kind of siren was it equipped with originally?

You probably may have surmised, I'm mainly a Superior guy. But of all the M-Ms, the Lifeliners were my favorite M-M ambulances, particularly the '71-'73 model years. And of all the hundreds of Lifeliners I've seen, yours is by far my favorite. Paul's comes in at second, but I love the red and clear beacons on yours, and that bright orange crush color (ok probably Omaha orange, but it looks extra stunning with the new paint job).

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