What to use?

Finishing up this great Superior I got from Brian Schuff, originally from Drumheller and later at Ringdahl's (I think). From original photos, I think it had a twinsonic on the roof. Later photos had a mini lightbar above the sign. The twinsonic could work, but two beacons with some chrome sirens might be nice, too. Maybe a Mars in the middle above the sign. Any thoughts?


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Jim, here are a couple of before and after shots of the '79 Superior that I once owned. It was originally purchased new by the Winkler, Manitoba Fire Dept. After I became the second owner, I eventually added a pair of CP 25 siren speakers and a Mars 888 light. I would have liked to get rid of the Code 3 light bar in favor of a pair of Federal 184 beacons, but never got around to it.

I think you are on the right track on what you are considering for yours.


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John ED Renstrom

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Me i would go with the 184 the flat top would go best. The siren light is a lot taller.

Paul Steinberg

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This is my 1978 Superior Transport the way that it was originally delivered to Stettler Hospital, Stettler, AB T0C 2L0, Canada when new. If I were to add anything to it, it might be either a Mars 888 between the Federal CP25 sirens, or possibly a Federal C6B. It is a matter of personal taste, so you can do anything that you like, since it is your car.


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Daniel Scully

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Probably something in this bunch would work? Have not sorted thru it all yet.


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Tim Prieur

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My vote would be much as already described. I would have a single clear dome 184, lined up at the level of the side scene lights, and twin CP25's with a MARS 888 as applied by Terry.

For sure Jim, it will look great!