WARNING: 1994-96 S&S Masterpiece/Victoria replacement windshield

Just wanted to give fair warning to anyone buying a replacement windshield for a 94-96 S&S Masterpiece or Victoria. There is a good chance that you will get a defective windshield. I had mine replaced and the first one I got was like looking through mr Magoo's glasses. It was all distorted and blurry. Had to fight with the supplier to get a replacement. Got a second one, same issue but not as extreme. You can see a blur go right across the window. It's tolerable because it's in a spot that isn't directly at eye level. There is only one company that makes them and sells them. So there is no other option. They only make batches of 25 and the last batch was made years ago. Told them to double check the windshield before sending out the 2nd one and that is what I got. Unfortunately this place is terrible to work with and you will get screwed.

Philip Scanio

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I had the same problem on a new 1990 Lincoln Town Car. The dealer replaced under warranty with no problem. I always wondered if it was made in Mexico.
I just didn't want to see that happen to anyone else. I was more upset with having to deal with a bad business. I would have been understanding if they would just stand behind their products. I understand that things can be defective. I will say one thing that was positive is that my insurance paid for it and they went above and beyond to get what I needed. I just threw in the towel because the chances of getting another good windshield was slim and the supplier is terrible to work with. All I have to say is anyone that needs one of those windshields needs to make sure they look it over before sending it out. And be prepared to get an overpriced piece of crap.

Daniel Scully

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As far as I know https://infparts.com/ is the sole supplier for these. A friend has some CC limos and Hearses. He has made a few road trips there and picked them directly with no shipping or middleman. Cost was about $950.00 He has had the same problem and he looked thru what they had on hand about 25 windshields in stock. He said all the ones there had some distortion , some worse than others. So as Jeremy mentioned you need to check them before installing them . If a new run is made , maybe they will be correct? So best to chk before installing .

Paul Steinberg

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I believe that when the windshields are manufactured, they go through a polishing phase, and that is probably where the distortion is happening. I don't know if this is a manual process or it is automatic, but if manual, it might be that they had a novice on the line when those glasses were polished. If they are only doing a short run, they don't have the luxury of scrapping the defective ones, as they would with a larger run of windshields.

NJ Dorsey

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Too late... I got mine replaced- same defect. I Eventually got used to it- it's more off to the passenger side. But after struggling for almost a year to find a shop that would do the work, order from Infinite, believe me that standard glass would not work, etc... I decided to live with it. Glad I did now, as it sounds like they're all like this.
You are correct Daniel. That is who supplies them. They said they had about 15 left in stock from the batch of 25 made. And the identification on the corner of the glass reads Guardian custom glass solutions. When I looked into it, Guardian doesn't even make those windshields anymore. It's another company that makes the windshields for infinite. So their stock is definitely old.
I'm going to guess that they are used to people getting pissed off at them because most of their glass is junk. And that is why they fight to leave you with a turd. Most good businesses are happy to fix a problem. This place is the opposite.
One local guy is looking to get this 1996 Masterpiece and maybe I should mention the windshield supply issue if he needs to replace it. He will be at the shop this weekend for the installation of the new tires from 4Wheelonline plus the alignment.