there the floor is back

John ED Renstrom

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for the first time since a high school kid brought the car and to make it his own tour out the ratty torn up rear interior out. this car now has the sub floor in place, it been on of the biggest jig saw puzzles I have ever but together.the nice part was you got to make your own pieces. now for the big cover up.IMG_2487.JPGIMG_2486.JPG
As always wonderful work Ed. Did you have the headliner redone locally or did you do the work? Also, did you have the original bows or did you need to replace them?

The headliner both front and back in my Pontiac will need to be redone and the bows had rusted out at the ends due to the mouse nests.
We had a local man make it up for me and i put it in. Always a experience this car has been modified from the origional GM set up only one front bow was a gm one.
On yours what kind of ends did they have? Hooks or did they slide in a pocket screw to the header. Yours has a raised roof if i remember right?
Mine is a raised roof based off the sedan delivery so it's definitely a custom head liner front and back. It looks like the bows just sat on the horizontal rail that meets the metal roof supports as I can't find a hole or attachment point for them. The headliner also secured to the roof supports via a sharp metal tab attached to the roof supports.

2 bows for the front and 7 for the rear. I've found a source for generic bows...Newstalgia Parts in Virginia. I'll get the headliner made by a local upholstery shop and most likely have them install it as well.
That is all the mounted to not to the header. They slid in a sleeve the sleeve is poked threw the tabs on the cross bows with the wire on the top side. Thats why the look like they we rusted off.the dont extend to the header. You start at the last bow in what direction the tabs face work your way to the other end of the car the tie it to the end first. Most i have seen faced forward to you tied it to the read door first the up to the glass opening. Then worked the sides down. If that makes since to you. Hope you did not toss those old ones yet. As long as they are still stiff the rust will wire brush off you need at least one good one for measurements.