The Professional Car #165

Mike McDonald

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Mine came to So-Cal as well today. Incredible work (as always) by Tom McPherson, Walt McCall, Brady and all the others involved behind the scenes! THX-MM:applause:

Philip Scanio

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I can't believe that I received mine today. It is usually a couple of weeks after someone posts on this site. I did not get to read because of meetings all afternoon, but I'm looking forward to another great issue.

John ED Renstrom

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OK I confuses I got mine back there a bit. glad to a picture of my contribution to the micro meet. I wish I knew were I left it. got home with everything else swear I put it in the gmc but like a lot of stuff this roller coaster year I don't have a clue.

but once again has off the the publishing committee
who can help?

Yes, another great issue! My question is, who can help identify the manufacturer of my grandfather's LaSalle ambulance? If someone will let me know, I'll post the photo of it that I still have, after all these years.......... the only "for sure" is, the roof light was "innovative" at the time........

Thank you!

Peter Grave

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AHH YES!!!! The USPS sometimes great sometimes late. I shipped two meters for a vintage radio to Australia via USPS. Well the Australian accused me of being a rip off when he did not get them tracking number came up "not available". So I refunded his Pay Pal. Three more weeks go by I think all is lost when the Post office lady says "They are coming back to Ottsville they were shipped to Austria not Australia" our mistake. So mail it pull the handle and hope cherries come up.

Wayne Krakowski

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Holy-glitch-in-the-system batman,got mine today delivered early by Canada post,and as always what an issue very good stories by the best authors around,and to answer Tony's editorial line "where do you find this stuff" I tell them it finds me...
Mine in Toronto today too !

Lots of local history being here in Toronto and the cover and centerfold taken on the property where my collection resides.

Got to be proud to be a part of a car club with the quality of magazine it puts out !


Even the CLC magazine is full of ads, etc.

Ours is all KILLER, no FILLER !

Wowzers, we have it so good...




Martin Harvey

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In the mail this morning!
Glad to see a picture of the 1930 Lasalle ambulance built by Montreal Autobody for Georges Godin. I followed the meticulous restoration of this car and it's really a Gem.

John McCulloch

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Walt, Tom and Brady good magazine. We're really happy with the write-up and photos of our 1939 S & S. LaSalle. Walt, thanks for finding Tom's photo for the center-fold.

Looking forward to Gettysburg. J & P