Superior Sovereign Landaulet Hearse. 1 of 65 Three way electric table hearses built by Superior Coach of Lima Ohio for the 1970 model year. Flly

Peter Grave

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Superior Sovereign Landaulet Hearse. 1 of 65 Three way electric table hearses built by Superior Coach of Lima Ohio for the 1970 model year. Fully functional electrically operated table extends out thru the suicide door system on either side or rear load. This was the top of the line Hearse that Superior Coach produced in 1970.
The original 472 and original transmission operate the way a Cadillac should. Fully loaded with factory AC, factory floor mats, radio, and unique exterior speaker system behind the grill as well as factory manual and repair manual with parts catalogue.
The wheels are truspoke chrome rims in near perfect condition and wear Coker American Classic 235/70/15
The interior is in next to mint condition including original carpeting, perfect dashboard factory steering wheel and factory floor mats.
The paint, chrome and stainless on the entire car is nothing short of breathtaking and shows non of the usual wear seen on a funeral coach of this age.
The original black vinyl Landau roof is as good as it gets. There is no sign of bubbling anywhere along any moulding or behind any seams.
The original box frame is as solid as the day it was constructed as a commercial chassis and there is no signs of rust that funeral coaches usually display.
The car runs and drives extremely well and is virtually silent with no exhaust leakage or manifold issues.
The car comes with the original Cadillac hubcaps, factory literature, repair manual, parts catalogue, as well as display board with specifications.

Kerry Lange

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This same vehicle bid up to $9659 on Bring A Trailer on Jan 18,, but did not meet reserve. The seller took exception to the fact that Bring A Trailer accepted a listing for a '39 Henney Packard Hearse while his car's auction was still running. Apparently, he had bought his '70 Superior a few months back for around $12,000 U.S. according to the many comments. Anyway, at the current Ebay bid of $12,600 he will likely end up with a buyer.

Paul Steinberg

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There is nothing original about that interior! All of the door panels and seat have been re-upholstered incorrectly.
It doesn't cost any more to do it correctly than to do it incorrectly, however, to those that don't know the difference, it will be an expensive lesson to learn after they make the purchase if they want to correct the mistakes. To some, they will not care, it all depends on what they are looking for. If a funeral home is looking for a vintage hearse to be used for services, as long as the interior looks clean and neat, that will be more important than correctness. To most hearse collectors, they want everything correct and working.