Sound Deadening Question

Jean-Marc Dugas

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I have installed sound deadening sheets to where the canceled windows are located on my XL54.

I would like to also apply sound deadening material to the 5 doors and to the inside of the quarter panels. I do not think that the butyl sheets will work for this application since these surfaces are covered with this oily material.

Does anyone12 - Sound Deadening 02.jpg12 - Sound Deadening 04.jpg have any suggestions on what I could use as a sound deadener for those areas?

Paul Steinberg

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You might try some spray can undercoating and put it on in layers, allowing it to set up between applications. That is the "oily" material that is on them presently. The factory puts on a thin coating just to keep the panels from oil-canning if you should push on them.

John ED Renstrom

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The best insulation i have found for doors is the foam padding or the small cell bubble wrap. Remember the door has holes in the bottom and is open at the top it runs water threw it. So to insulat,water and wind proof you put it on the inside of the frame under the trim pad not on the outside skin.