Skeleton rack 101

Tim Prieur

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Could someone educate me on obtaining a skeleton rack for my 63 MM combination? I have appended a pic of the rear floor, with the two anchor points at the rear. Does one need a rack specific for MM or a 63 model year? It is being consider being used as a funeral vehicle for EMS personnel? Thanks in advance.63-14 (600 x 450).jpg

Paul Steinberg

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I can't answer your question, however, I do have a 2 piece casket rack available should that be what you are needing.

Steve Lichtman

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Tim, when my dad died and I was going to use our Flxible ambulance to carry him, the funeral director and I had to dig through the basement to find their roller bed. We did find it. It had feet with rubber tips, and just sat on the floor.