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Hey guys! I have a small collections of working vehicular sirens, and one public-warning Federal Model 2, along with some warning lights etc. up here on Canada's East Coast, in Nova Scotia. I just love this stuff and enjoy demonstrating the sirens at local car shows etc. Just thought I'd try and see if anyone can help me out:

My only incomplete sirens are two otherwise complete and working models: a C4 dating between 1946 and 1957, and a Q dating between 1958 and 1976. (Thanks to Kevin for helping me date these! :) )

I am looking for a base and mounting bolts for the C4, which is the same as a Federal 28 or 76, and a base, mounting bolts and rear cover that would be appropriate for the Q, preferably one that is pre-1981.

These sirens are original and unrestored and functioning beautifully, they are just in need of these missing parts. The parts do not have to be in perfect shape. Something with patina / wear would match the sirens perfectly.

Thanks so much for you help and time. Feel free to write me at or call / text 1-902-790-9047 if that is easier.

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Josh A. Noiles
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Josh Noiles

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Here is a Q mount on eBay item 252923204229. Not sure if this is what you are lookin for

David, this one is a little high-end for me. I'm not needing a rare, angled mount for a specific application. I just need a mount for a Q period. Mine is missing altogether! Something more common, a little rougher condition and just a regular-angle mount will be perfect! Thanks, though! :)

If you haven't found your mount, I have these flat mounts - one wear-worn and one with great chrome. I left the motor mounted on each for the photo but will remove it upon purchase of the mount. They are for a non-braking siren. Of course the cover can be replaced or drilled to accommodate a brake. I think I sold all my angled brackets and covers that allow brakes. If interested, please email me at


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