Rocker Switches

James Fischer

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I am looking for 2-3 Cole-Hersee rocker switches....

These are he early type without bezel....
They do NOT have to be functional ,and do NOT have to be the light up type...just looking to fill the panel in the 70,so either type will work.

If you have ANY you would like to sell please let me know....

Thanks all !!


Steve Lichtman

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There was a flat, black, plastic piece that "filled holes" in the switch panels if you didn't have a switch there. If you don't need a switch there, you could fill the space with just a flat piece of black plastic.

James Fischer

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Thanks Steve,
That was my 2nd option if I did not find any switches....
Actuall there were 3 in place,but upon removing the cover they just disintigrated into powder....:cool:

Paul Steinberg

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Don't know if these will work, because it looks differant than the picture that you posted.


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James Fischer

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The switches that are in there now are 5/8" if those are anywhere close to that I think they would work as long as there is no bezel....

James Fischer

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I put in 2 ,but they are not the correct switches.

If you have any the look like the photo I posted,I would be intrested in a couple.....thanks !