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The '65 Old's C/B came with 14 inch tires . Most places a 235/74r14 is over $300 a tire . I took some CC 15" rims had them powder coated and installed 235/70 R15 Vogues . They fit fine even under the rear with the skirts. The Old's came with a unique wheel cover ,that is usually seen on Star fires . The wheel covers are around but only fit a rim that was made for that particular wheel cover and most got tossed .. I took a 72 Cadillac cover and put a old's emblem on it , most people probably would never know its not the correct cover. The Old's cover are worth a pretty good penny to some in the Old's crowd. I have a good offer on the set of 5, hopefully that comes thru. 20210315_152309_resized.jpgDSC06256.JPG72oldsillus_0568_a37dadc666332f435149453bca3a48038718f794.png20200901_161655_resized.jpg

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14s have been hard to find for some time now. Especly In the larger size. Good luck on the wheels