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Ron Devies

PCS Ohio Chapter President
Attached is the latest information on the events planned for this years meet along with the registration form. Sorry that this is coming a little late but with the pandemic people just do not call you back. I will be sending more details later telling you more about the facility and the events planned and things you can do.


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Ron Devies

PCS Ohio Chapter President
I sent Paul a three page letter of all the things to do on your own and our events and he still hasn't posted it yet. It is hard to get good help! But when he does make sure you read about the Phoenix Rising Brewery, it's in a old funeral home!

Abe Bush

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As of right now I am planning on driving there from Des Moines IA. I plan to get there on June 28 and I am willing and able to pick up anyone who would like a ride along the way, or to pick up anyone up at the airport who needs a ride to their hotel!

Paul Steinberg

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About Our Host Hotel The Mohican State Lodge was built in 1968 as part of Ohio’s State Park System. It is located at 1098 Ashland County Road Perrysville, Ohio 44864. The phone number is 419-938-5411. We have a group rate of $115.00 per night, please tell them you are with the Professional Car Society. There are only 96 rooms there so you will want to reserve your room early. The rooms include a balcony in every room with chairs where you can sit and enjoy the scenery in the privacy of your own room. While they are not pet friendly you may bring your “service dog”. So, if you bring your dog it needs to be your “service dog”.

Daily there will be a breakfast buffet untill 10:30 A.M. You are on your own for breakfast.

Other amenities include; outdoor tennis courts (2), fitness room, heated indoor and outdoor pools, lighted parking lot, paved bike and walking trails, sauna, game room, sand volleyball court, billiards, shuffleboard and basketball courts, patio with scenic lakeview, we have fire pits scheduled nightly just off the bar, geocaching, full service restaurant and bar, gift shop, high speed wireless internet, laundry facilities.
In closing it is beautiful inside and out and secluded and yes, we will have a light and siren show following the banquet.


Monday June 28th 6:00 PM

Mohican Lodge Tribal Dining Room (Right next to the bar) Complimentary pizza, chips and dip and veggie tray. Meet up with old friends after a nearly two-year hiatus of no pro cars or seeing old friends.

Tuesday June 29th 1.00 PM

We will start lining up for the caravan, and we will leave a 1:30 PM promptly
. We will caravan our cars to the City of Mansfield (about a 15-minute drive) to the Mansfield Fire Museum, 1265 W. Fourth Street. Step back in time from the bucket brigade to the horse drawn equipment, through the internal combustion powered equipment – experience the history of the fire service. See a reproduction of a turn of the century fire station. Sometime between 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM we will head 2 miles East to the Carousel District downtown. We are in the works of reserving a parking area to display our cars. Carrousels are always in style! Experience old-fashioned charm in a fun modern setting as you venture on a chariot, or ride one of the dozens of colorful hand-carved animals. Cost is a buck ($1.00) a ride or 6 for $5.00. Carrousels not your thing? Well, there are plenty of other things to do within walking distance. If you brought your kids along, after they get off the carrousel, and you have pumped them up on cotton candy, you can tire them out by taking a walk to the Little Buckeye Children’s Museum. There, they can shop at the Little Market, perform on stage, get wet at the Water Factory, build a house, discover dinosaurs, as well as other exhibits. Daily admission is $9.00 under 2 is free. Also in walking distance are boutique shops, vintage record, boots, antiques and cigars stores. Central Park has local eateries, an ice cream parlor, and a coffee shop. Also, consider visiting the Phoenix Brewery or the Cypress Hill Winery. All this just to name a few attractions. An interesting aside about the Phoenix Brewery is its location and the history within. It was built around 1914, and The Phoenix Brewing Company was originally the Schroer Mortuary! The mortuary had a hand drawn elevator used to take caskets to all three floors of the building. The preparation room, chapel and the viewing area all still exists in the building today. In 1932 the owner of the Schroer Mortuary actually committed suicide in the chapel. At least, they didn't have to go far to prepare the body for burial. The chapel now serves as Phoenix’s taproom. If that’s not creepy enough for you, the current owners have actually reported ghostly encounters. Who knows, was Mr. Schroer a tea totter?? Brewing is currently done in the basement where all of the embalming and preparations were done. I know I will be throwing back a few there! Listen for them to call: Devies, party of 60?

Wednesday June 30th

Bob Smith Day, Ages of Steam Round House Museum and the Board of Director’s Meeting.

At 10: AM promptly we will board a chartered bus and head North to the sleepy hamlet of Sugar Creek in the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. When we arrive, we will tour the Ages of Steam Round House that is the home of 20 fully restored steam locomotives. Following our visit there we will stop in at the Smith Funeral Home to see our old friend Bob Smith. Bob has agreed to give us a tour of his funeral home there and if you know Bob there will be something to eat too. Then it is back on the bus Northward again through the scenic Amish countryside to Dover, Ohio where our host Bob Smith will share with us his magnificent collection of vintage ambulances, funeral and EMS equipment from through the years. We will board the bus again for the ride home and the ride home and the Professional Car Society Board of Director’s Meeting will convene at 7: PM.

7:00PM Board of Directors Meeting

Professional Car Society Board of Director’s Meeting will convene at 7: PM. til ???

Thursday July 1st General Membership Meeting

10:00 AM Grand Ballroom the General Society Membership Meeting starts at 10:00 AM

12:30 PM Line up for the caravan to the Mansfield Reformatory.

We will promptly leave at 1:00 PM to caravan to the Mansfield Reformatory where we will display our cars on the grounds. The Ohio State Reformatory at Mansfield was built in 1886 and abandoned in 1990. We will tour the prison at your cost if you choose to see the film location of such films as the Shawshank Redemption, scenes from Air Force One (the prison General Raddick was housed in), Tango & Cash, Escape Plan: The Extractors, as well as a few television features and music videos.

Friday July 2nd 10:AM Concours d’ Elegance

Mohican State Lodge Parking Area Take to the field for competition! While we are enjoying the great outdoors food will be available on the grounds.

Saturday July 3rd, Loudonville Day

At 8:00 AM we will start to line up the caravan
, and our caravan will leave at 8:30 AM to arrive at The Annual Car Show and Antique Festival in downtown Loudonville, a day long event. On the Village Green will be the Antique Fest. The Chamber of Commerce has told me that the last car show drew over 300 cars. Pre-registration is $10, day of the show it is $15. Loudonville is quite a place, a couple blocks from the show is the old Flxible factory that still stands today, and is now the home of a construction company. I believe that this will be a great time small a photo op! Also in downtown Loudonville are many shops, and things of interest, such as the CRF Museum. From folk heroes to famous inventors, the Mohican’s area’s past is full of colorful characters and amazing stories. Inventors that revolutionized the way we live, entertainers that wowed royalty, explorers who braved the frontier and industries that became icons of their time. The CRF Museum tells these stories and more from period displays to interactive exhibits there is something for everyone. My personal favorite however is Stela’s Ice Cream Shoppe and Coffee House.

Awards banquet 6PM:

With the China Flu Pandemic, instead of going inside we will hold it on the patio weather permitting. If rain is in the forecast we will be in the Grand Ballroom. Hopefully it will be outside on the patio. The menu will include, hot dogs and hamburgers, grilled chicken breast with sauce on the side, pulled pork, potato salad, tossed salad, baked beans with bacon and grilled seasoned vegetables and dessert. We will have a keynote speaker as well.

Sunday The Fourth of July

So normally it is travel day home, but what’s your hurry? The legal holiday is Monday so go home then. Enjoy the hotel’s amenities at the same great rate you had all week and maybe take in some of these other activities. By the way it is day two of the Antique Fest in Loudonville, but if that ain’t your thing here’s a few other things:
Pleasant Hill Marina Across the lake from the lodge: It encompasses 850 acres and is very popular for water skiing and fishing. It has one of the largest rental boat fleets in the State of Ohio. Whether you want to feel the rush of the open water in a ski pontoon or just kick back on one of their cruising pontoon boats, they have everything you need for a fun and enjoyable day!
Oak Hill Cottage: One of the most perfect Gothic Houses in the United States. Built in 1847 it has seven gables, five double chimneys and seven Italian marble fireplaces. It is a remarkable example of late nineteenth century lifestyle. Tree Top Canopy Tours: A trek through the tree tops while suspended from a dual cable zip line is an opportunity for a fun, unique and educational outdoor experience you will never forget. Their 2.5 to 3 hour long (4,025 ft.) zip line canopy tour leads adventurers through the tree tops by means of zip lines, sky bridges, and rappels connected to platforms suspended in the trees.
Wolf Creek Grist Mill Historic Park and Museum a series of restored buildings from the 1800s that have been preserved as they were back in their day.
Malabar Farm: Barely five minutes from the lodge, this is the working farm of Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Louis Bromfield and the location where Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married.
Bible Walk: Life-sized wax museum where 100 dioramas bring classic Bible stories to life with special effects and audio. There is a lot more than there is room to print here. I really think there is something for everyone here including beautiful scenery and covered bridges too. Come join us!
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Not to be a jerk, but rather than attacking China or it's people, can we please use the medically correct term for the disease and pandemic. It is properly referred to as Coronavirus, Covid-19, or SARS-CoV-2.
Not to be a jerk, I only copy and paste what I was given, and I don't edit or change anything from the original transcript. If you have any complaint(s), please refer them to the author of the document, Mr. Ron Devies, Chairman of the 2021 International Meet Committee.

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Wasn't directed at you specifically Paul. Did I mention you? Please don't take offense at things not directed at you.

This most clearly was directed at me, since as I said, my name is associated with the posting. I was the one that made the post, and if it wasn't directed at the person that made the post, then what was your reasoning behind your post? Who then was it specifically directed towards? :mad:

Ron Devies

PCS Ohio Chapter President
Well first of all, I am relieved I didn't refer to it as the Kung Flu, I pondered on it. I love Chinese culture their food, their accomplishments before the COMMUNISTS took control of the government and became the number one polluter in the world, enslaved the Uyghur people placing them in concentration camps and killing them off. The genocide of the Tibetan people, the clear and present danger of their plans to invade Taiwan. Last week several Asian women were murdered down south. Those women were forced into prostitution by human traffickers who were likely Chinese. Covid-19 was traced to a lab in WuHan, CHINA. I don't hear the defense of Spain over the Spainish Flu which I believe also was actually traced to CHINA. Sorry to taint your wokeness but facts are facts and there was no slam on the good people of China.