John ED Renstrom

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it took some doing but I final was able to gather a few lenses in glass for the 53. they are 4 5/8 so not a common size. they use a reflector and replaceable bulb with a trim rig holding it all together. what I discovered but accident was the older tractor lights were that size as were the Harley police bikes.

so the question I have is should them be a clear spot lens or the cut pattern lens. the pattern I have are fog lights so they would show flatter and lower rather then a spot.

they use a 32 watt bulb with a rather wide filimant


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Paul Steinberg

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White fluted lenses would probably look best. Remember, you are supposed to see the red lens, not have it project like a spotlight.


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Tim Prieur

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Ed, my 52 National has the original glass lenses and they are not scored. I will have to check, but I bet they are the same size for me. One of the lens has been cracked for the last 40 yr. It would be nice if a replacement could be found. I will measure and may contact you for more info on where you found yours, thanks in advance.

John ED Renstrom

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final got the siren back together. they are never fun then add another layer of plating and you understand. but when you get it it fits like a glove. it has a clear lens so I'm thinking we should stay that way with all three. now if anyone has a 6 volt alternating flasher I could use one.


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