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I was recently asked a question about using POR15 and in reality, I have never used it, and all that I could get was some advertising comments about how it was a miracle paint that you paint over rust. In my searches, I found many times where actual users had mixed reviews, with some liking the product and others not. Then I happened on this 3-page discussion on a forum about how it works, and why it isn't the magic cure in a can as advertised. I will leave this determination to use it or not up to you the reader after you digest what this other forum says about the product. Click here...... http://www.spiuserforum.com/index.php?threads/why-is-por-15-so-frowned-upon.2604/
When I looked into it there were way too many products to buy for it. So I stayed away. In my experience, your best bet is a fish oil-based paint such as Rustoleum of Ace hardware rusty medal, the same stuff as oil base enamel. The epoxy paints are hard they will take a hit but when they do chip it's right down to the bare metal. Then there is the cost factor. Prime with the same product then paint with your choice of color. Use the rust converter first as directed and you have a finish that will last a long time for floors undercarriage and inside doors or inner panels. With a small expense. Did the frame on my jeep 20 years ago. It's chocky but still covered.

This is how you can get a lot of money into a car. By spending it where it's not necessary.