Physio Control

Bob Dyke

PCS Member
I could only wish we had 5's. We had a 6. Then we had a couple of 300's. Then 12's and 15's. I always wanted to try a Zoll but the closest we got was a Zoll combination 3 lead and AED that we put in our oilfield unit

Bill Leverett

PCS Member/Super Site Supporter/Paramedic Supervis
I've used the Datascope MD3, LP5, LP10, LP12 and LP15. Currently using a Zoll X Series doing some Industrial Paramedic work. I must say that so far the Zoll is certainly compact and has all the functions I require and way easier on the shoulder than the LP15.

As for AEDs, I've used the first generation Laerdal AED (the one with a cassette recorder), SpaceLabs 610, and the LifePak 500.