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We have a limited number of the PCS Grille badges available.. This is the Original Logo Badge pictured below. Badge purchase may be made by clicking on the icon that says "Donate", and selecting "Super Site Supporter and Badge Promotion". When you make the $100 donation to the forums using, you will get a FREE badge. If you choose to donate more than the $100, you will still get a free badge. This is a one time offer and is not retroactive to previous donations prior to July 1st, 2021. This offer expires August 31, 2021. Please use the "Donate" icon at the top of the page, and let me know that you made the donation, and I will ship your PCS badge to you at the address on your membership, unless advised otherwise.
I have been asked a question about how this will work, so I will post the questions below.

Can I make the donation for another PCS Member, and get the badge for myself.

Yes, that can be done, I just need to know about it in advance, to properly credit the other PCS members website account.

Another question was "what if I want additional badges?.

You may purchase additional badges by just letting me know, either before or after you make the Site Support donation, as long as it is before your gift badge is mailed. Additional badges are $50 each. Please email me the address where you would like to have your gift badge sent.

thanks Paul

If you have any questions about how to become a Site Supporter, please send them to my Private Message box and I will reply when I see your message. Usually, I check the forums frequently during the day and early evening.
PCS Membership gets you a windshield sticker the first time you join, and 4 issues of The Professional Car, for each year that you pay for membership. Membership in the Society is based on magazine issues, not a calendar date.

Membership in the Friends of the Professional Car Society website is open to all, and it is free for all to use and enjoy. It is separate and apart from membership in the Society.
Just one more thing that we are learning that hasn't rolled over from the old software to the new software. If anyone would like to make a purchase of a grille badge or become a Site Supporter, please start a private conversation with me, and I will handle this directly. Directions on how to do this are below, and also posted in the Introduction to our Forums.

In XenForo they are called, Conversations.

Click on any user name and you will see a box pop up, and at the bottom, you will see a link which reads, "Start conversation". Click on that "start conversation", and another box will open, where you may put in a title for the conversation, and below that, you type the text of the conversation. You can also add pictures to the conversation by clicking on the "attach files" box at the bottom of the message.
Thanks for sending the badge Paul!299F11E7-F914-4FD7-B12B-641A5B834FF7.jpeg
New offer is posted above in the original thread...
A special thanks to all that have financially supported to the Friends of the Professional Car Society in the past and in the future. Through your donations to the Friends of the Professional Car Society, we have been able to financially assist the PCS, with the purchase of a new computer for the publications committee, pay the site and hosting fees for www.theprofessionalcarsociety.org, and pay for additional pages that were added to Issue 187, 4th Quarter 2020. These donations totaled over $3000! We look forward to assisting the PCS in the future.

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Please don't forget to send me a "conversation" message advising me of your payment of the Badge Promotion... thanks Paul
Your shipping label is printed, and will be mailed shortly. thanks for supporting the Friends of the Professional Car Society.
For those that haven't renewed or become a Site Supporter, please use the button above. If you are not certain if your Site Support is up to date, just look for the small badge under your name that says "Site Supporter or Super Site Supporter", and if it isn't there, then your 1 year of Site Support has expired.
Thanks to all past, present, and future Site Supporters...
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Bump.. Please consider making a donation and becoming a Site Supporter or a Super Site Supporter. Thanks .. Paul