Pair of spots with red flashing lights on reverse

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I still would like to use these, even though they're not really correct, but after research is seems like the shafts will be too short to put them where they belong anyway. Hopefully they will go in easier for someone else.

Chrome is in great shape, and although it is hard to see in the picture there is only one very small dent on the corner of one of them. All lights and flashers work.

Lookig for $150 for the pair plus shipping. Looks like I will be in the Piqua area for the Miller Meteor meet on Saturday if that helps, or if you would like to see them first. I could also possibly meet up somewhere in between if Saturday doesn't work. Will be out of town at Auburn on Friday.



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If you check the number on the angled piece, (the mount kit) you should be able to go back to Unity to see what coach these were made for. There were eleven different shaft lengths and over 200 different mount kits available, so you can see that the number of combinations was astronomical. It is pure dumb luck to find the proper one for your vehicle by chance. Now you know the reason that I don't deal in spotlights.
John Dorgan
Why not purchase the correct replacement shaft and headpost assembly from an authorized Unity dealer and swap out the light heads? If you go to, you can determine the correct shaft length for your vehicle and part number for the shaft and headpost assembly. I would recommend ordering the parts from a Unity dealer as it will be cheaper than ordering straight from Unity. Just a suggestion.
Why not order the correct shaft / headpost assembly from an authorized Unity distributor, then swap out the lightheads? You can go to Unity's website to find the correct shaft length and part number for your vehicle. You can always e-mail Unity as well if you have a question on the correct application. I have often received replies from Bill Gross, the President of Unity, who has always been able to answer my questions.
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