On the topic of insurance

Eric Gemzer

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Wasn’t t really sure where to post this so in the general discussion area it goes… I talked to my insurance agent, they don’t understand why the club would need a liability policy at all, if the club doesn’t have its own location, isn’t a non-profit, then wherever the shows are at and all those in attendance with insured cars will be covered by their own insurance or the venues insurance. Makes sense to me. Just throwing it out there.

John ED Renstrom

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You are never safe if someone wants to they could bring each and everyone of us into court just because you were there. Seen it done at a event using volunteer help. The ida in a group police is it cuts down on this. As the organization is libal not each member.

Paul Steinberg

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I am pleased to announce that I have just posted an update on our Members Discussion Forum concerning our insurance with a resolution to this lack of insurance dilemma. I have located an insurance company that has given us a proposal for insurance that is 50% less expensive than we are presently paying and affords us double the insurance coverage for liability without any exemptions for our events. Both my message to the officers and directors is posted in that forum, along with the proposal from the insurance company.
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