odorless smoke coming from the back of the car

Kevin Lynch

PCS Member
The biggest thing I miss after moving out of FL are the folks who took care of my cars- quickly and correctly. Maybe because I was there 33 years. Here in SC, I can only get one guy close by to work on my Caddies. It takes him 2 weeks minimum for whatever I bring in.
I picked it up yesterday and drive 1.5 miles home. Today I took it to a glass company to have a new windshield put in. After going about 1 mile, odorless smoke comes forward into the drivers compartment from the back of the car. This happened once before. I do have an opening in the right rear fender where you can see some sort of pipe and device - sorry I don't have the car here so I can't take a picture. Might this be the a/c????
I hope its something I can disconnect permanently.
I'll post a picture later this afternoon.
I also used a mechanic who is 19 miles away, but he works for someone else and does work on the side in his own garage. His work was perfect.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!