new coach

John ED Renstrom

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got to see the newest rig in the Kincade fleet last Thursday. went up to the national cementary for the internment of a man I knew. mainly to support his closest relative. his Ex wife. one more Vietnam vet that took the slow way out. rest in piece buddy we still remember you

but anyway after the service we looked out the new coach. not impressed but it is what there is to work withIMG_6887.JPGIMG_6889.JPGIMG_6890.JPGIMG_6891.JPG
I'll just ride happily in the back of BillyBob's pickup.

Spend the $500 hearse charge for the 5 mile ride keeping a canine in need alive and healthy enough to find a furever home.

These new hearses look like another good reason to bring back High School Shop classes.

John ED Renstrom

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Everything new is on a truck chassis. It all there is. The 4x4 is nice in the winter they said.
Oh goodie. 4x4 was available on Astrovans.

I've met a few Caddys that should have been doorstops.

Does 4x4 on the hearse mean we can go mudding in the back end of the cemetery? Is there room for the Yankum rope in the spare tire well?

Kurt Arends

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FHs in hilly or mountainous areas do not like front wheel drive as they suck on the hills when loaded. No rear wheel options for those guys, so 4X4 it is.
It is a chevy traverse. Kincade has been using the gold and maroon colors for years. What looks off is all the black plastic on the lower foot of the rig all round. I did not ask who converted it. They were not proud enough to display it.
My buddy's uncle likes that color combination. He passed by our shop last week after the installation of the new set of tires from 4Wheelonline. Not bad looking to me.