Looking for a 1960 Cadillac Hearse Windshield

Laurent Piens

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Hello everyone, I'm looking for a 60's Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse windshield.
If anyone has a good lead on where to buy em... ( I got the new window seal rubbers for it)

Paul Steinberg

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Pilkington Classic Glass has them. Your best bet is to find a Pilkington dealer in your country, and ask them if they could order one with their next shipment of glass. If you wanted to have just one windshield crated for shipment, and sent by sea freight, it would be expensive, and there is no guarantee that it wouldn't be broken in shipment. This is why I suggest a local glass shop. You can email Pilkington for availability and part number, and ask if they can arrange shipment to your local glass dealer.


Pilkington Automotive Operating as a single global organisation serving the Original Equipment (OE) and Local Automotive Glass Replacement (AGR) Aftermarket sectors Principal operations are in Europe, Japan, North America, South America, China and Malaysia, combined into an integrated worldwide business unit, across all regions and distribution channels.

Daniel Scully

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These are old NAGS #S (National Auto Glass)
The #s I believe are the same but the prefixes have changed , most glass shops can interchange these #s
59-64 W678
65-70 W761
71-76 W788
You can also try Pilkington Glass. They routinely make the procar windshields for that era from original manufacturing equipment.
Try www.Glasssearch.com www.pilkingtonclassics.com or 1-800-848-1351.

The windshield is the same from 59-64 CC ( Ambulance's , Hearses, Flower Cars) and 59-65 Limousines I do not think Pilkington Glass has any of the 59-65 in stock or making any at the moment , but you will need to contact them and ask. Might be other sources to try but this is the only one I have dealt with. 59-60 other Caddy's look similar but are to short , the CC ( Commercial Chassis and Limousine windshields are a few inches taller) Do not let someone try to sell you a 59-60 windshield from a different model other than one that fits a 59-64 CC or 59-65 limousine.