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in this set of pictures I can show you the main reasion to get the cars under some form of cover. even that on out back you have been going to get to. the big devel in the wenter is the freeze and thaw cycle. as the snow builds up the sun comes out and things thaw out water drippes. then refreezes every night. everytime this happends it drives father into any carack or opening and as it refreezes it expands. you can see from the pictures. my daily "wish some one would take it off my hands" driver has not moved since the first snow flak hit. it a 2x with street tires on the rear. I have 3 4x4s keep this one parked when weather is like this. is an easy decision. the big icicle you see here is out of the cowl vent. the sun was out strong and melted the one on the drivers side water is dripping both side. right now it is 8 above or -24 if you live other places. as you can see even the 72 under the fema roof is dry. the poor fitting one on the jeep is still doing it's job.


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