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Scott Reinbolt

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I've seen "factory photos" over the years of Flxible ambulances and hearses that appear to have been taken in front of Kettering Memorial Hospital in Loudonville-it's still there. The Flxible Company used to have a retired employees association, although I don't know if it still exists or not. I do know that the association of Flxible bus owners used to have meets in Loudonville and would encourage retired employees to come and share their memories. The last I knew the Flxible plant in Loudonville was owned by Joseph Shrock, a local Amish businessman.

Bill Marcy

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Ron, if you are interested and if you are not already aware of it, there might be a small museum tour of interest. The man I bought the limo from in Bucyrus, Ohio, has a museum of Edsel cars, pedal cars and toys that he has invited us to come tour. If you are interested in speaking with him, please get in touch with me and I will provide you with his contact info.