how to ruin a set of tires

John ED Renstrom

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get old car, put new tires on it. then discover new car has engine problems. take to mechanic friend. he leaves car out in field for 3+ years while he forgets to put fresh engine back in car. tires go flat. one is full of water. tires fall apart. guess who changed 3 tires over to the scabs I should have put on first by hand in the 80+ sun this afternoon. but in my defiance the tires were dry rotted when I put them on. the cracks did not show till I aired them up. new is not always new. the engine is now in, carb is on. just need a few things hooked up to fire it. been that way for a couple weeks now. you know speed kills says the man putting on trim and replacing the interior now for over a year.


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