Day Well Spent

Bob Dyke

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This weekend was our local car club's annual cruise night and car show. Friday night close to 150 cars and trucks gathered and cruised our little city. The Eliminators started taking cruise nights through the local nursing home, hospital,20220819_182607.jpg20220819_182621.jpg20220820_154652.jpg20220820_155130.jpg and seniors condo parking lots during Covid lockdowns so folk would have something to look at.

Saturday was the show in the park. This is my wife's Camaro and our Pontiac under some nice trees.

This Lincoln limo and Buick hearse were out for both days. Neither fellow knew who the coachbuilder was on any of them and I didn't have time to go through the cars to find out.

Paul Steinberg

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The tin Indian is one of my favorite cars. Could never understand why GM discontinued them. Your two are beautiful examples.