Classy Cadillacs

Abe Bush

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Actually Steve, those "fresh air intakes" are non-functional dummy items, all '64 Eurekas have them, even the Flower Cars. This was Eureka's answer to mating the leading edge of the '64 quarter panel to the sloping belt-line of the doors, a shape that was basically carried over from the '59 for the following five years.

My 64 Superior combo has a fresh air intake. To take it off I had to go through the rear heater core. So you are saying that it is "false" and not needed for combos rear heater unit? I wondered why they ever had them to begin with - what was their function?
Doug, he's only referring to '64 Eurekas all having the dummy fresh air intakes; Superiors' were all real.

John ED Renstrom

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But they don't supply fresh air to the heater. They supply fresh air to the pt compartment. The have a valve on them in the duck work you open and close. Most are just open as the 3 inch hoses rots off and never get replaced.