CB Radio

Jean-Marc Dugas

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Received the CB Radio for the 54XL today. Not the exact same one as the original, but close enough. Just missing the proper antennae now.Johnston CB Radio 01.jpgJohnston CB Radio 02.jpgOriginal.jpg
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John ED Renstrom

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here you are take your pick. these are the only one complete. the rest are high band larsons but short the mounting hardwairIMG_7055.JPGIMG_7056.JPGIMG_7057.JPG
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Jeff Beyer

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Leave it to Ed to come to the rescue, pun intended.
As a retired trucker, I can relate to anyone who is interested that the CB radio use is all but dead on the open road while traveling. Hook it up and make it look correct, but don't expect anything much in the way of airwave activity.