Bader-Brown Miller-Meteor Ful-Vu / Grimes Lights motors

Shaw Phillips

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Any one know who is now making the motors for Bader-Brown Miller-Meteor Ful-Vu / Grimes Lights? I see Honeywell has the company now. I think its Model-D305 H65 12 DC 1.8 Amps. Any updates on where to get 4 of these?


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The motors and all the rest of the Ful Vue light parts have been obsolete for many years.
Hi Shaw. The motors are made by Baden-Brown They are hard to find but do show up occasionally on ebay.

I found one last year through a School Bus Equipment Supply company. Apparently, the Baden-Brown motors are used is various bus parts...light controllers, blower fans etc. The trick is to find the ones with the correct geared shaft.

You might try some of the Salvage Bus parts suppliers.

The bulbs are readily available through an Aviation Equipment Supplier.
Sorry...I misspelled the name of the motor. It's Baader-Brown...makes searching better that way.
Motors cannot be rebuilt.?
The answer is yes or no, depending on how much money you want to spend. I looked into having some small motors rebuilt and was told by the only company that I could find that it was cost-prohibitive since rewinding small armatures one or two at a time was labor-intensive. At the time I was looking at having a few Propello Ray motors rebuilt since they also had been discontinued. That was a very long time ago, and I don't even remember the name of the company at this point. I was working with John Dorgan on a possible project. I was able to find a company to cut new gears for the Propello Ray lights and what I thought was going to be an easy project turned out to take a lot more moving parts than was originally thought. I still have a few gears left from that time.
Just a quick search, maybe here?

FYI The replacement info for a bulb I obtained to replace a blown out:
$ 389.00 for a pack of 10
These are 28-volt bulbs. Won't be very bright on 12-volt systems. The closest you will find are 14-volt bulbs as offered by https://www.interlightus dot com/light-bulb/A-4174-12
I, too, have to think GAry Cahill can do it, or at least worth asking, he is always showing some amazing motor restorations on the Rescue Market Facebook page.