Anyone needing to have anything brought to the meet??

Kurt Arends

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If anyone is going to be attending the PCS International Meet next month and is looking to purchase anything for any of your coaches, you might want to put the word out on this post or contact me directly. I will be attending and I will be coming up by way of C-W Coach in Cinti. Carl will be coming up with me. I am more than happy to bring parts along, if the deal is done prior to the meet. I won't be bringing anything along, unless it's sold in advance. I will be spending close to a week with Carl, so I am more than happy to dig through his stash as well, prior to coming up for the meet. This offer could save you some significant shipping expense. I am sure that there are several others who will be attending that may have parts available as well(Jeremy Ledford, Ed Renstrom, Paul Steinberg, etc.)!
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