Anyone knows what these are?

Jean-Marc, are they wheel blocks that would be placed on one tire during display? then fixed in place with rope and the black "tie downs". Pre date my ownership. Bruce B. might be able to provide a definitive answer.

John ED Renstrom

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That makes more since the the face book answer of head blocks for the back board.

Bill Leverett

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Jean-Marc, can you see anywhere in the ambulance where they might have attached? It looks like the bolts could have slid into something and then the wooden parts moved and locked into place. I'm thinking it might have been to secure a piece of equipment to the floor perhaps? If the car only had E sized oxygen tanks maybe this was used to secure a larger tank for a transfer of a patient on a ventilator? Maybe to secure a transport incubator? Where did you get the car from Tim? Perhaps reach out to them and they can shed some light on the topic. Of course you'd have to find someone who worked in the car during that period of time and they are becoming less and less as the years go by. And there's always the chance that these were thrown in at some point and have absolutely nothing to do with the car whatsoever.

Jean-Marc Dugas

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Mystery solved!!

Robert Shepard posted the following on FB

Head blocks from a Prolo Board. Invented by Dr. Donald Prolo, a Stanford trained neurosurgeon. I used them in the 70’s.