Anyone else had their PayPal Account hacked?

Bill Leverett

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Has anyone else had their PayPal account hacked?

I rarely use my PayPal account and never reply to or click on links from strange emails. Sitting at my computer last night and get several messages from PayPal (the actual PayPal) that the email and phone number related to my account have all been changed. I attempt to log into PayPal to reset everything but the system no longer recognizes my email or telephone number. I was able to call PayPal this morning when their service lines opened and had everything reversed and reset, plus added another layer of security to my account. No unauthorized purchases or transfers thankfully.

I have no idea how this happened but I'm guessing someone got into my account (still don't know how) and spoofed my email that allowed them get a reset email from PayPal. That further allowed them to change the email and phone number associated with my account.