There are many reports of Premix Antifreeze either freezing or slushing up in this unusually cold.

PLEASE check your cooling systems and use a tester to see what value you really have.

John ED Renstrom

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It is advertised as 50/50 which should be good for 30 below. But of course it all depends on what else is in the system.

Peter Grave

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Super Site Supporter
Buying any premix is like buying light beer you are paying the producer for tap water. When I had my Turbo Buick I was advised to use Anti Freeze undeluted and distilled water (no minerals). I now do this with all my keeper cars.
YES on distilled water, also for battery use.

Still no certainty on how the premix situation evolved. Might have been a mismix at the bottling plant, or might be a different situation in barrel and tote delivery.

Don't really much matter how the problem developed, what matters is what's in your cooling system. Hydrometers and refractometers are both cheap.