A REAL portable radio

It ain't mine.

This is late 50s- early 60s from the time when mass alone said a radio was powerful. Perfect for setting up a temporary command post, and had on board battery charging if 110 electric was available.

Could be your last chance to score this magnificent museum piece.


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Jeff Beyer

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Something like the portable radios used just prior in WWII and Korea. You see them in the movies with some poor corporal schlepping the 50 lb thing strapped to his back. He has to kneel down to his sergeant so he can grab the mike.
As I recall the one pictured is a GE , and in my opinion at the right point in time to have been the development model for the TPL series of GE radios. Thanks to God it's been 45 years since I last touched one. Bottom 1/3 of the case is a lead/acid battery, similar to Kohler's Wheat light battery. Transmitter could be left in OFF mode to conserve battery by eliminating the draw of the tube filaments.

Motorola's comparable lunchbox was less than half the size and probably a quarter of the weight employing a plastic housing that contained the transmitter & receiver boards from a brick portable and 13 D size flashlight batterys in the base.

GE was a superior radio in terms of transmit power.

John ED Renstrom

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Getting stuck with that brick for 8 hr was not fun. But I'm sure glad it wasn't the other system.