'70 Superior 54" Ambulance Spotted Today In KS

John ED Renstrom

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You got to love the white ones still in laquare. It shows that rust in all the cracks. just as many in a dark color but they just don't show.

Kurt Arends

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It, obviously, has had the front clip replaced at some point. Note the Bonneville passenger car lower trim on the front fenders. If anyone is interested, it is sitting in front of, I believe, Jeff's Towing & Recovery. Garnett, KS That Bonneville passenger car lower trim and a set of skirts would really dress one of these up!

Steve Loftin

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Members ! Anyone out there have any leads on any Hi-Top ( Chevy/GMC) Suburban Ambulances , Preferably 74 to 78 models ?
Instead of posting an unrelated query here, you would be better served by starting your own in the carryall ambulances thread: